FRIDAY ROUND-UP: Alec Baldwin, Stuggling Boys, New Dads, Fitness + More!

Well, welcome to Friday! It’s been a crazy economic week, eh? But life goes on and there’s quite a lot of good fathering content going on the web this week… so, here we go with our weekly round-up of great fathering content out on the web!

TIME posted 10 QUESTIONS FOR ALEC BALDWIN, which is a good read.

Wondering about how your kids are taking in the current economic debacle? Wall Street Journal ran WHEN TOUGH TIMES WEIGH ON THE KIDS offering some good tips on discussing the current situation with your children.

On the education front, NEWSWEEK ran STRUGGLING SCHOOL-AGE BOYS about a new study that suggests parents are right to worry about their sons. “The report confirms what many of us have been observing for some time now: that lots of school-age boys are struggling. And, parents are intensely worried about them.”

While we’re on education, FastCompany checks in with “the iron chancellor” Michelle Rhee who is Fixing Washington D.C.’s School System. Talk about reform! Great read and, hopefully, a school administration model that will gain more traction.

In terms of resources for new dads, Brand Republic reported that the UK parenting site BOUNTY just launched the NEW DAD’S SURVIVAL GUIDE. Nice to see new resources continue to pop up…

Last but definitely not least, don’t have time to work out? Yeah, we know. It’s hard isn’t it? Check out the Fitness for Dads articles over on Discovering Dad. Very good and very useful!

Have a great weekend guys! Stay tuned on Monday for Podcast Episode #3 and a week full of great new content! -TFL

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