FRIDAY ROUND-UP: Real, Paternity, Hockey Dads + Air Pippens

Is life getting crazier or is it me? Normally I have the Friday Round-up done earlier in the week, pre-published to roll out automatically early on Friday morning before any of y’all wake up…

This week? It’s 6:00 am and I’m scrambling to finish this up. Crazy. But, I’m still here. And there are great links to share, so here we go! Have a great weekend guys! -B

Are you ‘real’? Whit is real. So, check out Whit’s post, Field Dress Your Moose In Corduroy over on the Honea Express. Like me, I think you’ll relate.

Following up to the popular What Kind of Dad Did You Have? post, Discovering Dad just posted What Kind of Mom Did You Have? Start responding!

Meanwhile, Tyler, has started a wonderful thread on Building Camelot called Pictures Of Life With Kids: Parenting Behind The Scenes. They’re on Part 3 now; you can also check out Part 1 and Part 2.

Meanwhile, in England, Citigroup is taking some great steps for fathers in the workplace; you can check it out at on Personnel Today in their post Workshops For New Dads: How I Made a Difference. “For the past three years, Citigroup has run training workshops for new and expectant mums. That programme has gone well, and we will continue to work in that area. But as we move into 2008-09, our employees are most likely to be either dual income parents or, with this generation, families where the dads are expected to – and want to – be much more involved with the children. While we’ve focused on maternity, there has been a silence about fathers, and we wanted to do something to make them feel that this is a ‘pro-dad’ culture.” Very encouraging!

Hockey Moms? What about Hockey Dads! According to the StarTribune, Hockey Moms? Hockey Dads Set the Example. “What’s the difference between a pit bull and a hockey dad? There is no difference.”

And, finally, just for kicks (no pun intended)… the Nike Air Pippens are back! Old school, baby.

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