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I’m in my early 30s and starting to make a good living as an artist. I just realize that my wardrobe is pretty much from all from a sporting goods store… not too impressive for higher end clients. I need a new wardrobe, but I also want to keep that artist style. Suits might be good, but I don’t need to be decked out for the board room. Pointers?


Wilmington, DE

When I think of a well dressed artist-type, I think of someone who has fun with his clothing. That usually starts with accessories: interesting cuff links, a pocket square, a stylish belt & buckle, or even crazy colored socks. In working out the rest of your outfit I suggest striped shirts, especially bright, deep, or dark colors. Wear French cuff shirts with or without the links. For slacks, I think texture & pattern. Perhaps throw on a unique colored cord or not-so-designer jeans. These items show personality and a flare for the eccentric while maintaining a unique style and a sense of fun.

You can also wear a vest or cool sport coat to stand out. To pull off the pocket square, for example, you have to have a jacket to put it in. Sports coats that can be worn with slacks and jeans are all the rage right now, as well as suits with multi-stripes & patterns that lend themselves to be worn with or without a tie.

Not only does a jacket complete the look of any outfit, casual to business, it adds function as well. A coat is the equivalent of a man’s purse. The outside of a jacket should have three or four pockets, with sub-pockets inside the larger two. Inside it should be adorned with a minimum of three, but preferably five or six pocket for a man’s essentials (i.e. wallet, cards, pen, PDA/cell, shades). The jacket is where fashion & function meet.

Whether you go with the suit look, sport coat, shirt/pant combo, or mix it up on different days, you are best off it you put your personality into it. Buy what you want in addition to what you need. People need art to decorate their places, but the trick is to get them to buy what they want. That’s what will really make them happy. You need to put out this vibe for them to pick up on it and participate in it.

My Best,

Jeff Collins

Professional Haberdasher

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