College Football Wrap Up: Week 6

College Football Wrap-Up

Week 6 is in the books and what an interesting week it was. Among the Top 25 there weren’t as many surprises as in Week 5, but here are the highlights worthy of note.

  • The game of the week featuring #1 Florida against now #10 ranked LSU, had the entire Gator Nation holding their breath to see if Tim Tebow would be under center on Saturday evening. Tebow gave the Gator’s a breath of fresh air leading his team to a 13-3 win with tremendous help from the Florida defense. It looks like his recent concussion shouldn’t hold him back in the Heisman race either.
  • #20 Oklahoma also had their number one quarterback taking snaps again, and Sam Bradford showed that his arm is not a question with his pinpoint accuracy and calm demeanor defeating Baylor 33-7 this weekend. Bradford racked up 389 yards with a touchdown pass and Sooner fans should sigh relief with their offense firing on all cylinders again just in time for the Red River Rivalry this weekend in Dallas.
  • #3 Texas pulled off a solid win against Colorado despite a sluggish first half, keeping Colt Mccoy near the top of the pack of Top 25 QB’s. McCoy showed he is more consistent with his deeper routes in the second half than most of the QB’s in the nation. Although McCoy leads the nation completing an impressive 73.4% of his passes, his 1.2 interceptions per game and some lapses in the Longhorn defense allowed them to give up their #2 spot to a hot Alabama team.
  • The #2 Crimson Tide and their  tremendous offense dominated Ole Miss with Mark Ingram running for 172 yards on the day while their opposing QB Jevan Snead looked horrible throwing four interceptions, putting him permanently in the “should have never been a Heisman Hopeful” category.
  • This week the nation was able to see Coach Bobby Bowden perform on the hot seat for many speculated reasons with his board of directors pushing for this to be his last season at Florida State. The Seminoles lost another conference game to a capable #19 Georgia Tech in a highly anticipated evening game that showed us all that Bowden still knows how to coach a great game. But in the end, Christian Ponder’s career 359 yard, 5 touchdown day wasn’t enough to stop the Yellow Jackets. Led by QB Josh Nesbitt who ran for 140 yards and threw a 73 yard pass in the third quarter to Demaryius Thomas that tied the game at 35, Georgia Tech prevailed 49-44.
  • #4 Virginia Tech again showed why they are a team to be reckoned with junior QB Tyrod Taylor leading the Hokies with another strong performance. Taylor sure has brought his arm again on Saturday, steamrolling a Boston College team whose defense has missed star LB Mark Herzlich.
  • #11 Iowa played a great game against a very tough Michigan team and found themselves proving to be one of the truly “tough” unbeaten teams in the nation. I was very impressed with QB Ricky Stanzi’s play in the fourth quarter displaying poise when the game was on the line after throwing a pick earlier in the game.
  • Many of the undefeated teams such as #12 TCU, #8 Cincinnati, #5 Boise State, #17 Kansas and #21 South Florida all been relatively untested with questionable schedules and will still need to prove that they deserve to belong in BCS contention. It is still early in the season and some of these teams will have their chance against some great competition to validate their rankings. It is going to be interesting to see how the rest of the college football season unfolds as many of these teams have major BCS shakeup potential in the weeks ahead. With some small program players enjoying the national spotlight and hoping to continue their runs, a lot of eyes will be on these teams as we all know how hard it is to remain undefeated…

College football has no shortage of drama so far with the recent weeks have giving us the opportunity to see how a legendary Head Coach’s tenure can be questioned from year to year, we have seen one of the most hyped players in the nation respond to a severe concussion by showing us that his heart is  as big as his arm, and overall we learned that sometimes if not always, the mighty will fall so the weak can rise in the BCS. I look forward to seeing how this great season surprises us next. For Week 7, there are some great matchups to keep an eye out for including #2 Alabama vs. #22 South Carolina, #6 USC vs. #25 Notre Dame, #17 Virginia Tech vs. #19 Georgia Tech, #8 Cincinnati vs. #21 South Florida, and of course the Red River Rivalry, #3 Texas and #20 Oklahoma. the end

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