[BOOKS] The book every baseball fan needs to own: Going Yard

Stan Fridstein and his son Eric lived every baseball fan’s dream from 2003-2009. During that time, they visited every single Major League Baseball stadium. For those not in the know, that is thirty different stadiums in a seven year period. “It was truly the experience of a lifetime,” said Fridstein. “When we started the journey, I searched for a comprehensive source that could direct me to the most interesting sites within each ballpark. I also needed a resource that provided fun things to do in each MLB market.” He couldn’t find a comprehensive guide with all of the information the he, as a baseball fan and father wanted to know about each market.

When they started their journey, his son was only eight years old. “If he didn’t have a remarkable time, I knew he’d be bored and wouldn’t want to continue the stadium visits the following summers,” said Fridstein. He decided right off the bat (pun intended) that he would conduct all of the research himself and take notes on each and every stadium tour in order to turn the information into a book to be used by others following their path. “Going Yard is quite informative and is sort of a bible for those interested in charting the same path.”

Some of the information that can be found in the book:


-Partner strategy (who should come and why)

-Planning each summer’s adventure

-Scheduling strategy

-Adventures in each MLB city for sports-oriented guys

-Best hotel locations

-Ballpark highlights and trivia

-Best food and seating locations

-How to get private tours and on-field experiences

-Games to play during ball games that ensure a good time at bad games.

-Scoring the best seats in the stadium for free

-And a whole lot more

Going Yard is available at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and other online book stores (including the book’s website: www.goingyardjourney.com )


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