[BOOK REVIEW] Kids Book Scores Goal

After watching a group of pre-schoolers play soccer at our local park, my two-year-old twins and I were eager to read Big Kicks, written and illustrated by Bob Kolar.

This fun picture book, recently released by Candlewick Press in paperback, has wonderful digital artwork. With bright colors and cute animals, each page has so much for kids to look at.

In this delightful story, Biggie Bear (a really BIG bear who enjoys jazz and stamp collecting) gets recruited to play for the local soccer team. Biggie tries his best for his team, but the problem is Biggie has never played soccer before. His teammates soon learn that bigger doesn’t always mean better and you shouldn’t make assumptions based on looks.

Although Big Kicks is recommended for ages 4-6, I found it to be an enjoyable book to read to my two-year-olds… and read repeatedly as is often the case with toddlers. Biggie is a very likeable character and young kids will enjoy reading about him. In addition to being a cute book about soccer, it is also a good way to talk to your kids about learning something new and how it is ok if you aren’t good at it.

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup HERE (ole… ole, ole, ole), there is no better time to introduce your children to the fun and excitement of soccer. For more information about Big Kicks or other soccer books released by Candlewick Press, go to www.candlewick.com.

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