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Block Spam From Your Smartphone

Spam is a lot more than a mere annoyance. Manually reading and deleting these unsolicited offers for pharmaceutical products or bank loans can seriously eat away at your productivity. If the spam you receive contains a phishing attempt, spyware or […]

[TECH] A Home With a High IQ

Jim Lipsit’s wife, Cindy, knows exactly when her husband’s car pulls into the driveway — even if she’s still at work — because the house sends her a text message. And that’s not all. The Lipsits’ 2,500-square-foot home in Lake […]

Offload Old Gadgets Now

Congratulations on that iPhone! Your cumbersome travelpak of cell phone, PDA, laptop and portable margarita blender is a thing of the past. (OK, so the iPhone can’t make margaritas. Yet.) The buy was easy. Everyone wants the hot new thing, […]

[TECH] Thin Is In

Pictured: Sony’s 9.9mm thick Bravia Edge KDL-40ZX1. While memory and functionality are all growing exponentially, our laptops, smartphones and digital cameras are becoming the incredible shrinking machines. Thanks to our demands as mobile consumers, technology manufacturers have gotten the message […]