M. Scott Rogers

M. Scott Rogers is balancing the priorities of education, family, and career while continuing to pursue his purpose as a writer, a husband, and a father of two young children. His writing can be found on Burnside Writers Collective.com and twice on Next-Wave E-zine as well as Glassfire Magazine's Spring 2009 edition. M. Scott also maintains a blog entitled Caffeine Memoirs - http://caffeinememoirs.blogspot.com - and lives in South Bend, Indiana, since 2000.

The Importance of Swordplay

On a recent trip to the store, my wife returned with more than the usual necessities. Walking in the door, she held in her hands two foam swords. While images of broken lamps and scattered knickknacks flooded my brain with […]


My son loves a sunny afternoon. Doubtless, he will tug at my pant leg, grab at my hand, or in childlike desperation use mysterious skills and attempt to dismantle our screen-door to find fresh air and sunshine. And doubtless my […]

Centering Fatherhood

As the economic, occupational and societal conundrums of the modern age increase, I find myself searching for “old wisdom”: words written or spoken by fathers or men of renown, of sturdy faith and resilient belief in something more, something better. […]