Laurie Beebe

Laurie Beebe is a registered dietitian with over 25 years of experience. She assists people from all walks of life in changing their diet for better health. Certified in Adult Weight Management, Laurie has transitioned into life coaching to better implement changes in people's environments. No matter how much people know about what they 'should' be doing differently, they don't alter their habits without making adjustments in their surroundings and their awareness. Coaching helps lead people to permanent changes by helping them set their own goals and design their own action plans. Please visit Laurie's website for more free nutrition tips, a free monthly newsletter, or more information on coaching, at

Fun Facts About Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is one of the essential vitamins for good health.  The actual function of the vitamin is to maintain strong connective tissue.  If a person has an inadequate amount over a long period of […]

Sugar Doesn’t Kill People – People Do

Editor’s note: Congrats to our very own Laurie Beebe for being recognized by talk radio host Rush Limbaugh!  This article by Laurie recently caught his attention, and he distributed a link to it in his daily email update. When did […]

Health Hazard: Skipping Lunch

Do you hectically work through lunch, rushing around with no time to refuel?  Do you think you are fine because you don’t feel miserable?  What people don’t realize is that they need to give their system more energy every four to […]

The Hazards of High Fiber Diets

Too much fiber? How is that possible!? The experts are always telling us to eat more fiber because it’s so good for us. And good for us it is, but only in certain amounts and in healthy people. There are […]