Jim Denny

Jim Denny is the winner of numerous awards for things like writing, communications planning and website development. He has managed multi-million-dollar marketing budgets for some of the largest companies in the Financial Services industry in his nearly 20 years in communications and marketing. None of which really impresses his 10-year-old son, Jackson. In his 10 years as a father, Jim has found that little boys are more impressed by how far you can throw a football, how fast you can run and how loud you can burp. Despite his own deficiencies in all of those areas, Jim hopes to leave a lasting impression on Jackson by being the best dad he can be.

Fatherhood Can Be Hairy

For 10 years, I’ve known one thing for sure. My son, Jackson, is going to be bald someday. It’s not my fault. I’m not bald. I’m not going bald. Any geneticist or high school biology student worth their weight in […]


Jackson, my 10-year-old son, has taught me many things about the world around me. A shower –  no matter how long – is never long enough. It is never too late in the day, nor too close to bedtime, to enjoy […]