Eric Schreibman

Eric Schreibman is a writer and real estate professional living outside of Cleveland, Ohio. He and his wife Kathryn are the proud parents of three young children.

Reading Between the Lines

We all remember the excitement of going on a first date – learning about a new girl, discovering common interests, learning something new about ourselves. Now take that experience and multiply it by any factor you wish, and maybe you’ll […]

The Birdhouse

Bright sunlight splashed through my son’s bedroom window on New Year’s Day – a rare and welcome visitor to begin 2011 in Northeast Ohio. The unseasonably warm air had melted the vast majority of what was left of our white […]


Perfect weather:  Eighteen degrees, snow flurries, a slight wind… and sunshine. Perfect weather, indeed – for my son’s first time sledding. At the age of three, Cole was a husky, barrel-chested toddler, ready to take on the world.  Not surprisingly, […]


Brown Gold by Eric Schreibman

“Daddy, come here! Right away! You have to see this — NOW!” Cole could not contain his vibrant enthusiasm as he raced down the hallway, summoning me to witness his first masterpiece, wrought of angst, yet also of the indomitable […]