Chris Weber

Chris Weber is a school liaison. He and his wife make their home in Azle, TX.

[REVIEW] Dad’s Pregnant Too

Harlan Cohen is able to do more in this book than I have heard in months of pregnancy shows. He takes his writing experience of being a best-selling author and advice columnist and applies it to that clear-as-mud arena known […]

Great Books for Father’s Day

With Father’s day around the corner, I had the opportunity to review these three titles from Chronicle Books for the upcoming holiday: Handy Dad by Todd Davis, Dear Dad ed. by Geoff Blackwell and Memento by Michael McQueen. Each title […]

[BOOK REVIEW] The Unnamed

Joshua Ferris is a gifted author. His ability to enrapture my attention for the entirety of the novel is mark enough of that talent, but to also have me think about life, love, and the existence of the soul while […]