Christine Malinowski

Christine loves to cook for her friends and family, and she is always experimenting in the kitchen. She has always loved to write and she hopes you will enjoy reading her articles as much as she enjoyed writing them.

The Art of Cooking: SMOOTHIES

Smoothies are the delicious calorie-contentious alternative to the sweet treats we crave any time of year. The growing popularity of these frothy be verages has earned them a home on drive-thru and coffee shop menus alike, and rightfully so. Who […]

The Art of Cooking: Taste of Summer

The season of swimsuits, sandals, and sunburns has arrived once again. The rising temperature leaves ovens empty and makes plenty of room for one great discovery: the grill. Nothing sheds the warm layers quite like the aroma of a steak […]

The Art of Cooking: Strawberry Harvest

As the cool weather drifts away and the heat of summer starts to settle in, one of the first things that come to my mind is the strawberry season ahead. This season brings fond memories for my family of early […]