Ben Loux

Ben Loux is father of two and husband of one (it works well that way). He makes his home in the Rochester, NY, area.

NBA 2009 Season Preview

It has been a relatively inactive off-season in the NBA since we saw David Stern hand yet another championship trophy to Phil Jackson. Most team’s primary objection this off-season appeared to be shedding payroll. Whether it was due to the […]

[NFL] AFC West Preview 2009

A rundown of the AFC West, with analysis of each team, stats on key players, and record predictions. San Diego Chargers The Chargers are the only team in the NFL who have won their division in each of the last […]

A Chance to Step Up

I never cease to be amazed by how much becoming a father changed my outlook on life. The one thing on this earth that comes close to my love and enjoyment of my family is my passion for sports. The […]

Fantasy Football 2008

Right about now every NFL team is completing their third preseason game. Some have even played their fourth. This is great news in that it means the NFL regular season is right around the corner. But for many around the […]

Going German

After coming to the realization this spring that both my wife’s car and my car were most likely on borrowed time, we played with the budget again, and I was able to convince my wife that we could squeeze a […]

BCS: Isn’t There a Better Way?

Images: Courtesy of Patryck Krutewicz Last year, the 2006 Rose Bowl between USC and Texas had the highest TV rating for a college football game in 19 years; it was a great game with huge star power between two well-known […]