American Red Cross Night Light Shines Bright

The dark can be a bit frightening for young children, and there is nothing worse for them than waking up in a dark room that is unfamiliar. Fortunately, we had an American Red Cross Blackout Buddy by Eton to take with us on our recent family vacation so our 2 ½-year-old twins never woke-up in the dark.

I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the Blackout Buddy. It is compact (2 ounces), durable and its fold-up prongs make this LED light extremely convenient for travel. Blackout Buddy can be set to automatically turn on when a room goes dark (as in the case of power failures and blackouts). In addition, it can be used as a night light or flashlight, recharging when plugged into your wall socket. The LED light is a bit bright and works best as a hall or bathroom night light instead of in a child’s room.

The best thing about the Blackout Buddy: no more buying night light light bulbs or batteries for a flashlight that can never be found when needed! Although it costs slightly more than similar products on the market (retails for $15.00), a portion of each sale goes directly to the American Red Cross.

If you are traveling with young kids or need an emergency flashlight/night light I would say this is a must have. For more information about this product go to

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