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Since we’re a men’s magazine, we publish a wide variety of content and welcome everything from business, commentary, interviews, sports, and product tests, to fiction, fashion, film, and music reviews. We also, of course, are always looking for great fathering content!

We like our articles to be thoughtful, challenging, useful, and well-written. We’re definitely ‘quality-over-quantity’ types of guys. Stories should be 500 – 2,500 words in length.

Let us be up-front about the fact that as a start-up business we currently have no budget to pay for stories. However, we strive to recognize our contributors as much as possible, so content submissions do remain your property, and you will be fully recognized for what you write (including a link to your contact information/website if so desired).

We pride ourselves on reader-generated content, so if you have an idea for a good story or article, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line! The best way is to email us at


We understand that you don’t promote your brand only through advertising, so from fashion, electronics, and cars to sports equipment, food, and music, we are interested in news about products and services that we think could be of interest to our readers. You can contact us at However, please understand that we do receive a lot of email inquiries like this. If you would like to promote your product, services, or website, please consider advertising with The Father Life!


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