A Reminder from My Wife

How’s your summer going?  My wife and I were laying in bed last night and she reminded me only a few more weeks are left until the kids start school back up.

That got me thinking…

Now would be a good time for us dads to consider how much time we’ve spent with our children this summer, and how important it is to them that we do.

How much personal time have you given to each of your children since they’ve been on summer break?

Has it been minimal, or have you intentionally put your work and personal interests on hold so that you can be in your child’s world?

Have you spent time reading together? Talking together? Gone on walks, hikes, bike rides? Taken a family vacation together? Gone swimming together? Taken your daughter out on dates? Gone fishing, canoeing, or a myriad of other fun outdoor activities with your son?

The list of ways to spend one-on-one time with our children is only limited by our creativity — and level of intentionality.

I read this quote recently… “The thing our children need most is often in the shortest supply — our time.”

They don’t care or need the “stuff” that a good paying job with long hours can provide. Children of all ages spell love T-I-M-E.  And time with dad is unrivaled in their mind.

Now before you begin this mental review of your summer schedule, watch the short video we’ve below. It has a powerful ending, so be sure and watch it to the very end.

Then take some time THIS WEEK to determine how you can give each one of your children, AND your wife, more of your time.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/VCNydoQ97VA" width="600" height="344" allowfullscreen="true" fvars="fs=1" /]

Image credit: Ben Martin

4 thoughts on “A Reminder from My Wife

  1. I’m actually the one in school in our house (our oldest starts kindergarten next fall) and my last class for the summer is tomorrow night. I plan on taking both of my girls out on *dates* this weekend to be able to spend that time with them.

  2. I liked your post. Simple focused, flowed well. The main point, though, is your main point: TIME.

    Yep, take it from this very old—but lively and young—old dad: “quality time” is a Boomer myth. QT is spelled simply, T.I.M.E. An alternate spelling is: L.O.T. as in “Lots Of Time” (Hey, I like that!). That’s why I’m up here in Utah with my five grandwonders and their folks (to whom we loaned these marvelous little, growing, creatures). And writing the book, Generational Fathering. WE’ve got a site for the book platform*, but we’re launching an interactive blog next week. We call it a “diablog”(Yep, made that up myself. Pretty good for an old coot just turning 70, eh?). Old cowboy, young cowboy, one a therapist, the other a global, life-long adventurer.

    The “WE” is soninlaw, Matt, a residential youth ranch therapist and equine director. I write stuff, he knows stuff. WE are partner parenting. Keeping the life lessons and experience (read, “TIME”) of my lost or forgotten or ignored or devaluted generation in the mix. Our two generations are actually needed for the turmoil ahead for our third generation we gang up on. Matt doesn’t have the TIME he’d like. I fill in. Time WITH INTENTIONALITY. I have a list of stuff I want to subtly but consistent TEACH and MODEL for the five (well, the 11 mo old is a stretch; I’m going for teaching her to say “Popi”. So far, a failure. That, too, will take TIME.). We’re in high desert valley cowboy land, so breakfast and lunch wth each of the four at one of three “cowboy cafe’s” is bonding and teaching highlight (Yes, it is a highlight for the 5 year old, my twin born 65 years late).

    Thanks, Joey, for stirring me up all over again; thanks for taking the TIME.

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