6 Inexpensive Ideas for Summer Fun

A few ideas for summer time fun!

  • A great way to keep your kids entertained this summer is to have them start a lemonade stand! How exciting! Get a folding table out, or if you don’t have one, go to a local Lowes or Home Depot and buy one for $30. Then you’ll need two chairs (in case a friend wants to help). Have the kids create a banner on large roll paper. Tell them to think big and be creative… or else their stand won’t be successful (Just kidding). And of course the lemonade and cups with a cooler of ice will complete the gig. Ask twenty-five to fifty cents per cup so that kids can purchase them too (don’t be like the Girl Scouts!). Have fun and wear sunscreen!
  • Another great (cheap) way to entertain the kids during the summer is to buy a kick ball and start a game. Usually once you get a few kids going on a nice day, they all want to play. This can keep everyone entertained for hours! Also, everyone is getting exercise. Dads, of course you can have a beer out on the field!!! You da man!
  • Buy some flower seeds and have the kids help you plant them. If you dig the hole, they can toss a few seeds in right? It’s something nice that they will remember when they see them actually grow. This can be more beneficial than you might think. I don’t know how, but it could.
  • If you have girls, spa day is fun for them, and if they can keep themselves busy for a while, that buys you some time to take a break and do what you need to do. They will need containers to put their feet in with bubbles. Towels in case water splashes. Girls will have nail polish and all that other stuff, so they can make the rest up.
  • Make one day on the weekend a treat day. For us, we have Doughnut Sunday. On this day we all have one or two doughnuts as a little treat to ourselves as a family.
  • Go to the pool this summer! This is where the fun can get a little more expensive, but it’s worth it. Or if you happen to live near a creek, lake, ocean, or whatever you are allowed to get into, go to it and enjoy what’s around you. This gives great opportunity to pack lunches and not eat out.

That’s just a few ideas to get everyone started. Access my blog at http://caseyism.blogspot.com for more great tips and stories. Enjoy!!!

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