Month: May 2010

[NCAA LACROSSE] May Madness 2010

Originally, I wanted this NCAA Lacrosse tournament piece to be a preview. But, I realized that there was bound to be upsets and excitement that I want to be able to tell you loyal readers all about. The Division I […]

Block Spam From Your Smartphone

Spam is a lot more than a mere annoyance. Manually reading and deleting these unsolicited offers for pharmaceutical products or bank loans can seriously eat away at your productivity. If the spam you receive contains a phishing attempt, spyware or […]

[WELLNESS] The ‘BE’ of Varsity Blues

Being a wellness provider and consultant, the biggest frustration I encounter is that people want the ‘quick’ fix.  I’m sure I’m not alone in this frustration.  I think all health care providers encounter this, as well as mechanics, financial planners, and […]

Fiat: A Currency and a Car

Fiat Currency. Global Reserve Currency. Gold Standard. You might have heard terms like this, but what exactly do they mean? How is what’s happening in Greece related to what’s happening here and why should I care? We’re going to use […]