Month: April 2010

[BOOK REVIEW] The Unnamed

Joshua Ferris is a gifted author. His ability to enrapture my attention for the entirety of the novel is mark enough of that talent, but to also have me think about life, love, and the existence of the soul while […]

Text Messaging and Your Privacy

Just as you wouldn’t want to give any personal identity information to someone via email, you want to use the same practices via text message. There is a new wave of fraud that tries to trick you with text messages […]

The Manly-Man Complex

Being in private practice in a wellness clinic, I hear some great one liner excuses from patients and clients.  I was taking care of a woman and I asked her about her husband, whom I knew had been suffering from […]

[NHL] Playoff Preview 2010

The 2010 NHL playoffs are underway after Ottawa defeated Pittsburgh, Phoenix beat Detroit, Philadelphia upset New Jersey and Colorado found a way to silence San Jose last night. Tonight is the second night of the postseason. Buffalo and Boston, Montreal […]