Month: January 2010

Volvo Goes Electric

Because Volvo is so imbued with a green, people-friendly ethic, it is hard for some to believe that the brand doesn’t offer an electric car. Giving consumers the choice of an emissions-free vehicle seems utterly in keeping with what most […]

Raising Safe and Happy Kids

Love is more than a wonderful gift to give your children; it’s also good insurance.  Showing your love tells them they are worthy of love and respect and shapes their expectations of how others treat them. A child who feels […]

[TECH] Litl Comes Up Short

The fine folks at Litl were nice enough to send us a Litl Webbook to test out and let both big and little hands play around with it.  The results of our tests showed some promise for the Litl company, […]

[A FATHER’S VOICE] My Little Indulgence

The tricky part is the hallway. I carefully try to place my foot on our wood floor hallway in the tiny spots that don’t creak loud enough for our neighbors to call the police. I gently place my hand on the door knob and open the door, without letting go because if I do it will slam into the wall. I look into the room and bask in the sweetness of my 5-year old twins sleeping silently, peacefully, infusing my heart and soul with love, affection and utter goodness.

[TECH] A Home With a High IQ

Jim Lipsit’s wife, Cindy, knows exactly when her husband’s car pulls into the driveway — even if she’s still at work — because the house sends her a text message. And that’s not all. The Lipsits’ 2,500-square-foot home in Lake […]