2010 Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day 2010 is nearly here, and like most Father’s Days past, I don’t want any gifts for Father’s Day.  The heart-felt expressions from my kids (usually expressed in unique construction paper works of art) are really the best gifts I could receive, and I look forward to them each year.

However, the truth is my family always gets me a gift of some sort beyond the those hand-made tokens.  I suspect something similar is true for many of the other dads out there.  So to aid those who may stumble across The Father Life in search of some guidance, we’ve assembled a list of a few things that our own staffers would be happy to receive.  Like our guide from last year, this is by no means complete, so please add your own suggestions in the comments area below.  Without further adieu, I give you The Father Life‘s 2010 Father’s Day Gift Guide:


Handmade, all-natural gourmet burgers delivered right to your door – that’s what BuiltBurger does.  Available in a variety of flavors with ingredients as varied as pork, roasted red peppers, cave-aged gruyere cheese, chorizo, panko, mint, short ribs, and more, you’re sure to find one dad will love.

Price: $50/six-pack at http://builtburger.com

Byrd Harp Tool

This is an old-skool multi-tool.  I haven’t asked, but the one I keep in my car (which came down from at least two generations above me) probably walked uphill in a blizzard just to get out of the factory.  It’s got everything you need in a pinch and looks great in its leather case.

Price: $45 from Amazon.com

iRetrofone Base

I don’t know about you, but I miss the solid phones of yesteryear.  Today’s phones, as beautiful and advanced as they may be, can not compare to the simple and rugged phones of my youth.  And that’s why I was thrilled to discover the iRetrofone Base.  Turn your iPhone into a classic-looking desktop phone, complete with a coiled-cord handset.  Available in cool black, as well as clear and pink.

Price: $195 from Freeland Studios


It’s not often that something as prosaic as playing cards can catch your eye with good design, but that’s exactly what these elegant playing cards do.  Built in a minimalist fashion using the ubiquitous Helvetica font, these cards are printed on premium, high gloss playing card stock and come packaged in a hard plastic case.

Price: $10 from UD+M

St. Pierre Tournament Bocce Set

Bocce?  Yes, Bocce.  It’s the perfect lawn game for a June afternoon with the family, the neighbors, or whoever has wandered into your backyard.  And if you’re going to play, you’d better play it right.  St. Pierre is the official provider for the US Bocce Federation, and these balls are manufactured to international specs with a thermo-set composition resin for durability.  Four red and four green balls are included, with vintage-style etchings, along with a yellow pallino, plus a wooden box for transportation and storage.

Price: $130 from

Cushe Boutique Sneaks

I’ve got personal experience with this one.  My own pair of Boutique Sneaks has garnered a lot of “Hey, those are cool, where did you get them?” comments.  In addition to looking great, they’re also very comfortable.  Light weight and easy on the sole, they passed my break-in test (two days traversing Manhattan on foot) with flying colors.  Available in three styles.

Price: $100 from Cushe.com

Nuo Eco Friendly Laptop Messenger Bag

Can a laptop case  be green and stylish and functional at the same time? With Nuo, the answer is yes.  Made with cotton canvas and AZO free dyes, this bag is 100% PVC free.  Inside the soft exterior is a semi-ridged molded-foam protective pocket for your computer, plus plenty of pockets and spaces to store everything else you need.

Price: $60 from Nuo

Got a great Father’s Day gift idea?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

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