Month: June 2009

The Week in Sports #3

Something amazing happened on Wednesday afternoon at about 4 p.m. You were probably at work and missed it, or maybe you’re just like most Americans and don’t follow soccer. Well, the U.S. Men’s soccer team beat Spain 2-0 in the […]

[REVIEW] Public Enemies

Public Enemies (Rating: R) Cast: Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Marion Cotillard, Billy Crudup, Stephen Dorff, Stephan Lang Director: Michael Mann “Tommy-gun” gangster movies seem to be a requisite for every Hollywood movie maker, and Michael Mann gets his street cred […]

An Emotional Stimulus Plan

Why you need one to succeed in turbulent times. Yesterday a friend emailed me to say that after years trying to make it as a freelance writer she’s admitted defeat and is now trying to find a paying job.  I […]


Telling a deep and involving story in a videogame can be a tough ask at the best of times. Telling one in an open-world environment is even harder, and Infamous struggles to make use of its well-realised world and falls short of its potential. Although the core game mechanics and platforming aspects are fun…