Month: March 2009


Arthur Laurents comes back to Broadway with a refreshed production of his “West Side Story.” The production incorporates some major changes to the 50’s original, including songs and scenes in Spanish and an edgier feel to the overall story.

[MOVIE REVIEW] I Love You, Man

Paul Rudd (Role Models) moves to the front of the comedian brat pack in a hilarious feature which raises the bar of the “Bro-mance” movie.

He plays Peter Klaven, a “girlfriend” guy, meaning he’s a serial monogamist who puts so much of his energy into his relationships with women that he’s failed to develop meaningful friendships with male friends. Now forced to find a best man for his wedding, he seeks a new

The Promise of Spring

Ernie Banks once told the New York Times, “Spring training means flowers, people, coming outdoors, sunshine, optimism, and baseball. Spring training is a time to think about being young again.” I would submit that, with a six-month old in the […]

Shadows for Bars

I earn a living in sales. I’ve been selling in some form or fashion most all of my life. I was a scrawny kid growing up, 5 foot nothin’ and a hundred pounds in high school. Ears like Dumbo. Literally the smallest kid in school in ninth grade. So I had to learn to sell myself.