Month: November 2008

NFL Power Rankings: Week 13

What the heck, guys? How could you do this to me? We were all so close to being able to enjoy the saddest sporting event in the history of the world, but the selfish New York Jets had to take […]

Moose Retires

Do you remember when Brett Favre retired? I mean, before he changed his mind and made a complete mockery of himself, the Packer’s organization, Aaron Rodgers, and the very institution of retirement? Dan MasonDan Mason is an accountant by trade […]

NFL Power Rankings: Week 12

I know the Titans still haven’t lost, but how awesome would it be if the Super Bowl was New York versus New York. In the Jets case, it would be like a Hollywood movie ending. The wily, old veteran comes […]

Recipe: Chicken Cordon-Bleu

Though I’m aware of how very close Thanksgiving Day is, I’m uncertain whether sharing my family’s traditional feast is relevant to the world at large. Our meal, which bears a precise resemblance to our Christmas dinner, consists of the usual […]