Month: July 2008

Until You Hear Chains

I have a great drive. It starts out left, then hooks back right, avoiding the tree in the middle of the fairway, before finally falling off again to the left, about 30 feet short. I find a tricky lay-up, needing […]

Life Is For the Living

I had a very intense July 4th Weekend. My daughter had her 2nd Birthday, which we had at our house. We did our best to accomodate about 10 toddlers and their parents as they came to share the event. My […]

Being the Alpha Dude

Where I live, In Port Townsend WA, homeschooling families have a Thursday afternoon meetup for kids and parents during the summer. Last week I took note of an interesting scenario at the beach which I thought might be interesting and […]

Review: The Dark Knight

In 2005, Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins reinvigorated the nearly moribund franchise and introduced a needed sense of gravitas into the comic book genre. Now, three years later, he has returned with The Dark Knight, a riveting and thoughtful exploration of […]

From the Editor’s Quandry

It’s a fishing pole. A simple fishing pole. Nothing complex. Nothing revolutionary. Nothing surprising. Just a kid-size fishing pole. Ben MartinBen Martin is the CEO of THE FATHER LIFE. He lives with his wife and five children in the Rochester, […]

The Friday Round-Up

Here’s our first of many Friday Round-up’s where we’ll pass along odds-n-ends from the most recent week… Ben MurphyBen Murphy, founder of The Father Life, is an Adventure Athlete, Writer, and Wellness Advocate who used to be obese. You can […]

The Terrible Toos

We’re all familiar with that phase in many toddlers’ lives called the “Terrible Twos.” It’s when their lifelong struggle for independence begins. The word “No” becomes their personal creed and the most frequent word used by parent and child alike!