Month: June 2008

What Can Sports Teach Us About Ethics?

In recent years, the sports world has become entangled in countless ethical controversies. From steroids in baseball, to euthanasia in horse racing, to sexual harassment suits, and now, NBA referees rigging games. Dan MasonDan Mason is an accountant by trade […]

Review: The Roots, Rising Down

Philadelphia is probably most traditionally known as the home of the world-famous Philly cheese steak.  It is also storied to have once been a home to historical landmarks and political figures, as well as very competitive sports teams with lifelong […]

Savvy Tips for Online Safety

Technology and social networking websites are expanding at a rapid pace, and kids of this generation are trading in neighborhood baseball games for neighborhood chat room sessions. As parents, it’s important that we keep up with our kids online and […]

Get In Shape… Take the Kid With You

There are some guys who manage to stay in shape no matter what life throws at them. A career, marriage, kids… they somehow magically manage to stay fit. And then there are the rest of us. Ben MurphyBen Murphy, founder […]

From the Editor’s… Muse

It’s time for one more lullaby So close your sleepy eyes And drift away on silv’ry beams ‘Til morning wakes you from your dreams Ben MartinBen Martin is the CEO of THE FATHER LIFE. He lives with his wife and […]

The Art of Cooking: Taste of Summer

The season of swimsuits, sandals, and sunburns has arrived once again. The rising temperature leaves ovens empty and makes plenty of room for one great discovery: the grill. Nothing sheds the warm layers quite like the aroma of a steak […]