Month: March 2008

Rooting For the Cheaters

When the Mitchell Report was released back in December, nearly 90 current and former MLB players found themselves being accused of using performance enhancing drugs at some point during their careers. Of course there were the usual suspects, like Barry […]

Less Stress for Dads

This may sound ridiculously obvious to you: When dads are happy, we are more flexible, more open minded, more willing to spend time with our kids, and more creative when it comes to handling life’s complexities. My work as a […]

From the Editor’s… Bed

Normally, if I’m writing this from bed, it means I’m working late. Today, however, it’s still afternoon. The kids have just gotten up from their afternoon rest time (we used to call it “nap time,” but somewhere along the line, […]

Spain: Kid Friendly Beaches

Here’s a list of reasons I plan on taking my seventeen-month-old daughter on vacation to the Spanish Mediterranean this summer. Not commercialized – Beach towns, by definition, are commercialized. But in comparison, I found the beaches near Castellón de la […]

After Shopping

A short story by Tim Myers. As they worked their way through heavy traffic in their winter-spattered mini-van, groceries crammed in the back, she reminded him about the eggs. “You’ve got to be more careful, Danny!” she chided, noticing she’d […]

Quenching the Father Thirst

When in your life have you been the most thirsty? I think of playing full-court five-on-five basketball in 103-degree heat. The sun radiates off the concrete, and I feel it through the soles of my shoes. The competition is scorching, […]

Parallel Lines

Recently, my child came home with basic geometry homework. It covered simple concepts, shapes, lines, and angles. As I monitored his progress, he came to a question that asked him to draw parallel lines. He put pencil to paper, and […]