12 Things Wives Want From Husbands

1. Say you love her, often, like every day! Just because we think sex is the best way to say “I love you” doesn’t mean she does.

2. Don’t expect perfection; you’re not perfect, so go easy when she makes a mistake.

3. Avoid ‘yups’, groans, gestures, SMSs, and emails.

4. Be a good dad to your kids. Don’t fall for the “quality time” catch cry; you need quantity to find quality. Chances are when she committed to you, she was also looking for the great dad you would be to your kids. Stay connected with your kids.

5. Show commitment: Say “Yes” more often (I know this is a killer!!!).

6. More listening and less chat.

7. Affection. Not just in the bedroom.

8. Team effort: Share domestic duties.

9. Take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. She’d be freaked out by the suicide statistic : 2000 + males top themselves every year, vs. 400+ females. Check out the book: The Real Man’s Tool Box by Tammy Farrell.

10. When it’s time to hang up the boots, commit to that vasectomy.

11. Be happy. If your job sucks, move on: take control. Tips to make 2010 your year.

12. Self awareness. Small things can be really  irritating. If you must scratch your arse don’t do it at the school assembly. Solutions to irritating habits.

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2 thoughts on “12 Things Wives Want From Husbands

  1. Hey Thank you for that list I am The Neighbors wife on this great magazine and I think you really got some good points. I would maybe add: Do things together without the kids and plan some surprises ! They don’t have to be elaborate or flowers but a note here or you hire a babysitter or clean the bathroom before your wife gets up in the morning.

    Heidi Ahrens

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