12 Questions with RJ @ SingleDad.com


  1. What’s the best advice you ever received being a Single Dad? Confuse your kids with humor in everything you do as their father…
  2. What’s the best advice you ever gave? Nyquil works wonders…
  3. What should every Man know about a Woman? Women find it sexy when a Man knows how to cook.
  4. What Should every Woman Know about a Man? We only learn one recipe!
  5. What should every Single Dad know about his kids? Learn that every child you have is different and should be encouraged by their father to chase their passion.
  6. What skill should every Single Dad have? Have all of your child’s info “secret coded” into your Blackberry..  Birthdates, Soc/Sec# , Medical Insurance info, Doctor/Dentist ph#’s
  7. What should every man do before he dies? Go on a trip with your parents before they die and tell them that they did a great job raising you.
  8. What was your first car? I mowed yards for two summers to save up $1,200 and bought a used 1971 VW Bug, Orange, Beautifully Ugly!
  9. Which is your biggest challenge at home:  Cooking or Cleaning? Cleaning by far… It’s never done.
  10. What was the scariest moment being a SingleDad? Forgetting Algebra
  11. What is your proudest moment being a SingleDad? Re-Learning Algebra in front of my daughter
  12. What matters most in my life is… What Matters Most in my Life is that I am surrounded by three extraordinary children who love and respect their father each and every day. I am amazed by the journey of Fatherhood and what joy it has brought into my life. I cherish my time with all three of them and support their individuality and passions.

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