12 Phrases That Mean You’ve Won Her Heart (Part 2)

Last time I shared with you the first six of a dozen phrases that a woman will bestow upon you when (and only when) you as a man have truly succeeded at attracting the fullness of her femininity unto yourself.

I cited those first six as the ones women use when they’ve either just met you, or at the very least haven’t been dating you for very long.

For the second half of this brief journey in to the realm of understanding women, we turn our attention now to the women who we invite into our lives for the long-haul.

What ethereal utterances, especially when filtered through the mellifluous voice of femininity, serve notice unto us that we have succeeded at establishing eternal presence within a woman’s joyful soul?

Or more simply put, what does a woman who will love you forever actually say to you?

As promised, here are six textbook examples:

1. “I Never Thought I’d Meet A Man Like You”

Great job, Prince Charming. When you hear this, you’ve veritably succeeded at becoming the quintessential representation of her “knight in shining armor”.

And this is serious stuff, the power of which not to be underestimated. After all, every woman dreams of finding the perfect man for her from the moment she starts playing with Barbie and Ken. Probably before then, for all I know.

Rest assured and take pride. You’ve swept this woman off her feet, which means—at least figuratively—that she has no plans to walk.

2. “I’d Do Anything For You”

There is no bitterness whatsoever in the heart of a woman who says these words to you. She at once recognizes your considerable and perpetual contribution to her blissful quality of life, even as she responds to your leadership with a deeply rooted desire to reciprocate.

Plan on being a happy man…as if you weren’t already.

3. “I Would Marry You All Over Again”

Of all the choices you could have made among the many interesting women you’ve ever met, you can rest assured you’ve made a wise one.

Indeed, she likely had options of her own. And even after decoding at least some of your masculine intrigue and mystery, she remains smitten to this day.

Months and/or years have not eroded her excitement about being with you. And given your solid leadership, there’s no reason to believe things will be going south anytime soon.

4. “I Have The Greatest Husband In The World”

Victories earned in the category of “Greatest Husband” are unofficial, of course…because in theory each such election carries a constituency of exactly one voter.

And you’ve won. In a landslide.

And the mandate is clear: Keep doing whatever you’ve been doing right, champ.

5. “You Are The Most Wonderful Father Ever”

Transcending merely her affection and respect toward you, this statement represents a full acknowledgment that even your offspring adore you.

Your deft leadership succeeds on a daily basis at wrapping your entire household in a cocoon of tranquil security. She recognizes this and isn’t about to throw a wrench in the works anytime soon.

And your kids love both of you for it.

6. “You’re Amazing”

These two words are often all that an otherwise speechless woman can gather the wherewithal to speak.

And this is not surprising.

After all, within two simple words are contained the entire gamut of positive emotion that can possibly be expressed.

She admires what you do. She respects who you are. She awaits your next magical surprise. She loves you…and she even likes you too. And every day you carve yet another new facet into her shining perception of you.

By now, you may be saying, “Well, McKay, isn’t this all longhand for ‘I love you’.”

The short answer is “yes”.

But thank God women are so often far more creative and expressive.

Be Good,

Scot McKay

Scot McKay is a dating coach and founder of X & Y Communications. He hosts several top-ranked podcasts on iTunes including The Chick Whisperer.

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