12 Phrases That Mean You’ve Won Her Heart (Part 1)

I think it’s almost archetypal in our society to believe that it’s impossible to understand MOTOS (Members Of The Opposite Sex).

You know the drill. Women can’t figure us guys out, so they say. But how can this be? After all, we’re so “uncomplicated” in our own minds, right?

Meanwhile, for our part, we go around using words like “enigmatic” at best (or “friggin’ crazy”, at worst) to describe the women who touch our lives.

Yet, women all over the fruited plain shrug their shoulders. In their minds, they too are easy to understand.

Well, even though we’ll never be able to see light from the opposite gender’s eyes, I believe we can nonetheless know when we’ve come close to hitting the mark when it comes to truly knocking their socks off.

Here are the first six of one dozen phrases a woman might use when she has been truly blown away in the best possible way by the man in her life. Sure, lots of women may say some nice things to you from time to time, but we’re talking about the real “clinchers” here.

This time we’ll focus on words a duly impressed woman may utter to you shortly after you meet her. Here we go…

1. “When Can I See You Again?”

It’s always a good idea to leave a woman wanting more on a date. If she’s asking this question, you’ve succeeded at accomplishing exactly that.

In fact, if she’s bold enough to make such a statement, she may already be flat-out obsessed. In that case, you could go on a 72-hour date and she’d still not want it to end.

Remaining at least slightly less “needy” and “clingy” here is all it takes on your part. Hopefully, that won’t be an issue for you.

2. “Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?”

If you are being asked this question, theory may already be crossing over into reality in her mind. Answer with care, big guy.

Perhaps not by coincidence, this question is often closely followed by the following one…

3. “How Long Do You Think People Have To Date Before They Get Married?

She’s likely got visions of white picket fences dancing in her head. Not that fences can dance.

But you may be left dancing around the issue if you hear this question very soon after meeting a woman. Take it for the compliment that it is, though. She is already impressed enough to be thinking long-term.

One caveat: We’re assuming a woman here who isn’t leading a life of “quiet desperation” a la Henry David Thoreau, natch. If she’s got options, rest assured you’re first-impression was more like a head-on collision.

4. “You Haunt My Dreams, {Firstname}.”

Regardless of the exact words she uses, if she’s literally dreaming of you at night, you’re in like Flynn. Whoever he is.

This example was chosen simply because it happens to be my personal all-time favorite.

Come to think of it, an even more powerful message here would be spoken as, “You haunt my dreams, {firstname lastname}.”

5. “I’ve NEVER Been Kissed Like THAT.”

This statement is usually leveled after the fact with a somber if not downright melodramatic tone, occasionally followed after a long pause by “…EVER.”

Good job, tiger. You’ve successfully ignited her femininity in a way a real man should. Be careful playing with that kind of fire though, you just might “melt” her.

In case it’s not overtly obvious, any similar expression occurring during or after any point of sexual escalation carries similar gravitas. Especially if she reiterates her sentiments after a “cooling off” period.

6. “Can I Bear Your Children?”

Ah yes. Nothing says, “I’m completely, irrevocably smitten” like this particular statement. Especially when spoken so soon after meeting you.

After all, she has clearly abandoned all hope of left-brained thinking if she’s even talking about taking on an 18-year commitment (at least) on your behalf. I mean, can she even be sure you will “be half” at that point?

I once had a girlfriend who became particularly frisky when the term “make babies” was used. So the conceptual power of this thought in a woman’s mind must never be underestimated.

Shortly after #5 above would be a good time to watch for this one, kind of like 2 am is a good time to watch for meteor showers.

BTW, this one is not to be confused with “I’m having your baby”. It must be future tense to qualify.

Think I missed one? Drop me a note at scot@deservewhatyouwant.com.

Meanwhile, I’m already hard at work compiling the finalists for Part Two, which will feature the six phrases a woman you’ve known for a long time will use to let you know that you’ve not only won her heart, but stolen it away for keeps.

Be Good,

Scot McKay

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