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So long and thanks for all the fish.

When we started The Father Life in 2007, there was almost no content available for the dad community in print or online. We set out to change that. At its zenith, TFL was publishing new content daily, all of it written with dads in mind. We were getting noticed by big, established brands and publications. […]

Men vs. Women: Sexism, Perception, and Reality

I love writing this blog series. Why? Because I get to poke holes in the conventional, contemporary politically correct stereotypes. And, I sincerely believe that the differences between men and women are genuine and trying to conflate them to fit some academic model of humanity simply denies our humanity. And, for those that know me, […]

Life Affirming Lessons From a Suicide

There are many relationships we have in life, naturally. We have family, friends, business associates, and what I like to call, Virtual friends. Virtual friends are those we know via Social Media but may have never really met. I have many of these relationships, some of which have bloomed into meaningful associations and actual real-life friendships. Recently, I learned that one of my Virtual friends had committed […]

Money, Money, Money

It’s hard for me to believe, but after writing more than one hundred “A Dad’s Point-of-View” columns, I’ve yet to tackle one of the biggest issues in families. It is one of the issues that causes more dissension among couples than any others–money.  It’s said that money, children, moving, in-laws, and sex are among the hot-button […]

Batman Rises and the Colorado Shooting: Hollywood Should be Ashamed

No, I don’t blame Hollywood or the Dark Knight for the Colorado shootings. But, I do blame Hollywood for the deterioration of its product, the resulting desensitization of our kids, and the overall lack of concern for what it produces and the impact it has on our souls. The recent tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, in […]